Test 47

Test 47

Test 47 is about a man born December 12th 1944, 06:26hrs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Can you determine what happened on October 3rd 2019?  It was one of the following:



      1. it was a memorable day because his 21st grandchild was born 

      2. his wife passed away

      3. he fell down a ladder and broke his hip

      4. two men broke into his house and stole money and his personal belongings

For those who want to work with the Age Harmonics Technique follows the Age Harmonic Chart of that day:

AH Test 47


You can use any astrological process or Chart of your choice to find the answer. Choose one technique and formulate a brief  answer.

Send you answer before Janaury 1st by using the contact form (only the first time, to avoid spam).

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Radix Test 47

Radix Test 47

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