Test 45

Test 45

Test 45 is about a man born February 7th 1912, 19:00 hrs. 38°N17’50’’ - 78°W 16’25’’,  Virginia.


Can you determine what happened on September 28 1983? It was one of the following:

   1. he was diagnosed with lung cancer

   2. he committed suicide (shot himself)

   3. he finally decided to quit his job and  enjoy his retirement

For those who want to work with the Age Harmonics Technique follows the Age Harmonic Chart of that day:

AH Test 45


You can use any astrological process or Chart of your choice to find the answer. Choose one technique and formulate a brief  answer.

Send you answer before September 1st by using the contact form (only the first time, to avoid spam).

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Radix Test 45


Radix Test 45

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