Va coronation diffference 31 januari and 30 april



The differences between January 31st and April 30

From a vedic astrological perspective by  C. Kaspers.

Predicting in Vedic Astrology

eatrix made the announcement of her abdication and the accession to the throne of her son Prince Willem Alexander, on January 28th 2013. Three days befóre the estimated January 31st 2013. However, the coronation will take place at April 30th, three months later! Was it possible to get a more accurate prediction using the various astrological techniques? The Western primary and secondary Directions appear barely to indicate difference between the two dates. How you can make the distinction between them with the use of Age Harmonics you can read here.

Another technique that enables you to do very delicate predictions is Vedic Astrology.  Christine Kaspers works with the Mutual Agenda and in her analysis she shows how to distinguish the difference between the two data with the help of that technique. 

In Vedic Astrolgy, in order to estimate what future awaits, you will have to deal with Dashas This means that every period of life, is under the domination of a planet : the Period Ruler. Such a period is called a Maha Dasha and has a duration of 6-20 years. The Maha Dasha is subdivided into a Buhkti Dasha (duration 3 months-3 years) and Antara Dashas which can last several days to weeks.

Additionally the Karakas play a significant role.

Another distinct feature of Indian Astrology is the use of auxiliary Horoscopes or Varga's. It are harmonics (not to be confused with Age Harmonics!) who are very sensitive to the smallest changes in a time of birth. Having an exact time of birth is of great importance. The way the Varga is calculated is equally important: a slight difference in birth time or in calculation method can result in a different Varga.

Initially that seemed the case with the D10 or Dasamsha of Queen Beatrix. Different computer programs yielded a different Ascendant in the D10 (Gemini or Cancer). Christine and I then decided to grab a pen and paper and calculate it ourselves. Independently of one another we arrived at the same result: a Cancer Ascendant for the D10. This Varga is the starting point of the analysis.

The totality of Period Rulers,Karakas,Transits from the Ascendant and or Moon in relavant (derived) Houses in connection with the rashi and the concerning Varga (in this case the Dasmasha), gives information about the expected event. It's complicated, but ... practice makes perfect!

Queen Beatrix

Below follows the rashi of Queen Beatrix with subsequent the Dasamsha (South Indian model). The Trans-Saturnian Planets are in the chart, but are not included in the analysis.

rashi Beatrix

D10 Beatrix

Queen Beatrix

31 januari: Me/Ma/Mo/Ju

As to the relationship between the Rashi and the Period Rulers, you see:

  • Mercury: Ruler of the 7th = 10th from the 10th House( social status)

    in the 10th House from the Lagna (= Ascendant)

    in the 12th House from Karaka of kingship: the Sun

    Mercury has an agenda for abdication

  • Mars: Karaka of the 3rd House that is related with communication

Mars rules the 12th House starting from Mahadashaheerser Mercury in the 10th

Mars is in the 3rd Huis from Karaka Sun: statement concerning kingship

Mars in 1st Hous conjunct Saturn, Ruler of the 12th House of withdrawal and Karaka of "endings"

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter, Ruler of the 1st and 10th House, Venus, Rule the 8th House of power and the Sun = kingship

Moon rules the 8th Hous of drastic changes strating from the Dashalord thus indicating abdication as well

  • Jupiter: idem Maan

Jupiter is dispositor of the 12th House Ruler and has an agenda

De Dasamsha

The same Period Rulers in relationship to the D10 show the following:

  • Mercurius is Ruler of the 3rd and 12th in the D10:it concerns an announcement of her abdication
  • Mars = Ruler of the 10th is in the 7th= 10th from the 10th, conjunct Saturn = Karaka of "endings"

Mars is also conjunct Ruler of the 8th of drastic change and power

  • Moon in 8th of the D10 of power, together with Jupiter, Venus and the Sun. Maan = Ruler of the 1st in the 8th
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is in the 8th

30 april 2013: Me/Ra/Ra/Me/Zon

On this day the connections between the rashi and the Periode Rulers are as follows

  • Mercury is in the 10th House
  • Mercury is Ruler of the 7th = 10th from the 10th Mercury is in the 12th from Karaka Sun
  • Rahu in Scorpio acts as Saturn = Ruler of the 12th, dispositor of Mn/Ju/Ve/Zon

Rahu is in 12th from Mahadasha Lord Mercury

Rahu is in the 9th = 12th from the 10th

  • Rahu:dito
  • Mercurius:dito
  • Sun is in the 12th from the 12th, renunciation of the throne and the Sun in the 11th indicates that it is her well deserved reward after lengthy efforts (11th House)

The closest conjunction of the Sun is with Venus = Ruler of the 8th of drastic changes

The Sun is also Ruler of the 10th from the Bukhti Lord that you can therefor also combine with Venus, Ruler of the 8th



  • Mercury = Ruler of the 12th
  • Rahu:acts like its Ruler Venus in the 8th (together with Moon, Jupiter and the Sun)
  • Rahu acts like Saturn, Karaka of "endings"
  • Rahu: dito
  • Mercurius: dito
  • Sun: is in the 8th of drastic changes and is Karaka of a "king"


The differences are not overwhelming, but it is clear to see that Mars, the Karaka of the 3rd House plays a part on January 31st (resp. Januari 28th). Thus that day the emphasis is also on the anouncement of her abdication. On April 30th (Mars doesn't play a role as a Period Ruler) refers only to her abdication from the throne and the change of power.

Let's see what we can learn from Prince Willem Alexander's chart.

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