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The Tests will appear at frequent intervals: once every two months . They are posted to the Web on the 1st of the month, the solution on the 1st of the next month. A new Test will be posted the 1st of the following month.

Any astrologer who wants to test or improve their skills is welcome to try. It is free and there are no obligations. You can use any astrological process or Chart of your choice to find the answer.

The appropriate Age Harmonic Chart (which provide a quick route to the Answer) will be emailed to any astrologer who requests them.


Success in this Test, as in all the others, is dependent on your finding and correctly interpreting the Dominant Feature in the Age Harmonic. Here is a Guide to finding it:


The various features that appear in a chart are graded below in their normal order of importance:

  • A planet on an Angle or conjunct the Floating Mc, the Vertex or the Ascendant
  • A Ptolemy Aspect with the smallest orb. Conjunctions are the most powerful links Interplanetary Aspects in general take precedence over Aspects involving a Zodiacal Point
  • A complex of planets linked by tight Aspects (including minor Aspects)
  • A Stellium in a House
  • A Singleton high in the Chart or opposing a number of other significators
  • When Significators are well away from the House Cusps give priority to the Houses ruled, not those occupied

Interpret the Dominant Feature in relation to the inherent meaning of the planets involved and the House/s occupied or ruled. Disregard other elements of the Chart except any that support the meaning of the Dominant Feature.

Finding the Dominant Feature will occasionally come to a choice between competing factors. You will then have to rely on your knowledge and experience. This improves with the increasing number of charts that you read and interpret.

Enjoy working on the Tests!

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