Test 36



Test 36

Test 36 is about a man born July 7th 1958,  51°N 41’ - 005°E 19’ at 01:45:10 hrs. in the Netherlands.

Something happened  on Februari 27th 2008.   Can you determine what it was?

One answer is correct, the other are fictitious.

  1. he received a notification that his close friend had past away
  2. he died at the consequences of a massive brain stroke
  3. he married
  4. he became CEO of the company he worked for

For those who want to work with the Age Harmonics Technique follows the Age Harmonic Chart of that day:

AH Test 36


You can use any astrological process or Chart of your choice to find the answer. Choose one technique and formulate your answer brief and to the point.

Send you answer before March 1st by using the contact form (only the first time, to avoid spam).

Around the 1st of March, the answer will be posted to the website together with the names of the astrologers and the method used in order of receipt.

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Radix Test 36


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Radix Test 36