Test 32



Test 32

This Test is about a man born October 7th 1916  at 8:05 GMT, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The aim of this Test is to determine what could have happened on July 21st 2012

One of the following answers is true, the others are fictional:

  1. his brother died
  2. he got dizzy and fell on the bathroom floor
  3. as a surprise his children organized a trip to the sea

For the participant who wants to try to work with Age Harmonics follows the Chart of the day of the event:

AH Test 32


You can use any astrological process or Chart of your choice to find the answer. Choose one technique and formulate your answer short and brief.

Send your answer before July 1st by using the contact form (only the first time, to avoid spam).

Around the 1st of July, the answer will be posted on the website together with the names of the astrologers and the method used in order of receipt.


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Radix Test 32


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Radix Test 32