Romney or Obama?



Mitt Romney of Barack Obama?

Who will win the elections on November 6th 2012.

As an astrologer it is always interesting to see whether you are capable to predict the outcome of an event. The Age Harmonic is a very , relatively easy, quick and accurate tool to use ( under the condition that there is a proper time of birth).

Together with Christine Kaspers I looked at the Presidential Elections in the U.S.A. on November 6th 2012 using the Age Harmonic technique.

The Birth Chart of Obama and Romney are displayed in the right-hand column.

Below is a summary of my findings. First I want to take a look at Obama's Age Harmonic of the elections on November 4th 2008:

The Age Harmonic November 4th 2008

AH Obama

  • Jupiter, Ruler of the 1st, on the 10th House cusp immediately catches the eye. Jupiter itself has to do with "greatness" and "victory". We can say that was the case when Obama won the elections.
  • Nnode conjunct the 9th House of "victory"
  • Nnode conjunct the Zon/Vx/flaoting Mc, trine the Ascendant.


Age Harmonic of Obama November 6th 2012

  • As in the Chart of Nov 4th 2008 we see the Moon/floating Mc conjunct the 10th House Cusp!
  • Sun square Ne, the ruler of the 9th House
  • and a Kite involving Pluto ( power), Ur (Ruler of the 8th) conjunct the floating Mc and Mn/Eq/Vx

       That looks very favorable to Obama ...!

Let's take a look at Mitt Romney?

His Age Harmonic of November 6th 2012:


  • Sun conjunct 12th House Cusp, the House of 'losses'
  • Floating Mc conjunct Pluto/ South-node Trine Venus, Ruler of the 1st but in the 2nd House. Not in a position you would associate with a 'winner'
  • Saturn and Mars (with little dignity) conjunct Jupiter ( Ruler of the 8th ) square Eq in the 6th House of enemies . Mars is in fall and rules the 7th and the 12th …Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but despite that I think Mars' and Saturn weak position undermine Jupiters influence and won't give Mitt Romney enough force to withstand his opponent.


Christine and I came, using this technique,separately to the same conclusion:it is very likely Obama will win the elections of 2012.

Christine Kaspers analysed the elections also from a Vedic angel. Do you want to find out if her findings by means of vedic astrology have lead to the same conclusion? Keep on reading here.

AH Obama 2012
AH Mitt Romney 2012 ©                 


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