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Assange has been held on bail in London pending the decision of the English Court whether or not to accede to Sweden's wish to extradite him to answer charges of raping two Swedish women. Assange strenuously denies rape and claims it was consenting union.

The case was heard on 12 July 2011 and judgement made against Assange. It is not surprising that the Court ruled against him as on that date his converse Progressed Moon opposed his Natal Jupiter, effectively denying him any success of a legal nature. Assange's Appeal against the decision has been postponed. He believes that from Sweden he may be extradited to the US where he is regarded as a technical terrorist because of his publication to the World of their diplomatic reports. Assange is justifiably apprehensive of the treatment he may receive at the hands of the American CIA.

In the rest of 2011 and the first few months of 2012, Assange's Progressions and Directions are more challenging than conducive to success in maintaining his freedom and doing what he wants to do.

This is demonstrated powerfully by the recent news (27th October) that Wikileaks has stopped publication due to running low on funds contributed by well-wishers following a banking blockade placed on the site by Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Assange claims that the blockade is "completely outrageous …it is not an attack on Wikileaks itself, it is an attack on free speech without any legal justification”. This banking blockade accords with Assange’s current Ascendant-Arc Direction of Mercury square Natal Saturn . Mercury rules the 8th House (money from others) and Saturn is of course the block.

From March onwards his situation gets more serious, culminating in July 2012 when Uranus is Stationed square to his Natal Sun.

The 9th House

Above is the Age Harmonic 41.00293 for the month of July 2012, surrounded by the Natal Chart (2:08 pm). The 9th House (Legal Procedures) is emphasized by the occupancy of many Significators and particularly by the Natal Ascendant being almost identical with the Harmonic 9th Cusp. Assange is being engaged in a legal struggle. Important adverse indications in this BiWheel testify to his losing the struggle:

On 7 December 2010 Julian was arrested in pursuance of a request for his extradition to Sweden to answer sexual assault charges (which Assange denies).

Below you see the three Age-Harmonic Charts drawn severally from Natal Horoscopes all dated 7 December, 2010, but individually timed for 2:05 pm, 2:06 pm and 2:08 pm. Whichever Harmonic Chart reflects Assange's arrest on 7 December 2010 is the one based on the correct Radix. Examination immediately reveals the third AH Chart (for the Radix of 2:08 pm) depicts Assange's arrest.

  • The Moon (28Sg39) is square to Natal Pluto (27Vi09) (disruption of Assange's life and    activities).
  • The Vertex (26Ta19) closely opposes Natal Jupiter (27Sc18) in the 9th House and trines Natal Pluto in the 7th (a stroke of Fate destructive of his well-being and engineered by his enemies).
  • Natal Ruler of the 9th, Mars (21Aq33) is on the 12th Cusp and debilitated in Aquarius (danger of imprisonment).
  • Harmonic Jupiter (9Ar59) rules the 10th House. opposes Uranus, squares the Natal Sun (10Cn36) and conjoins Saturn (8Ar53), Ruler of the 12th House (a piling up of Misfortunes).

It will be a miracle if Assange survives July 2012 unscathed, and also unfortunately, a defeat of the public's right to know the truth.

© Dymock Brose

28 October 2011

The predictions Dymock made have been fulfilled.

Assange is at present (December 2013) sheltering in the Ecuadorean Embassy, London, where he claimed asylum on 20th June 2012 as a political refugee.Asylum was granted on 16th August 2012 .


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