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When will the succession take place?

An estimation with the help of Age Harmonics

To discover, which important factors play a role at a coronation, it is interesting to look at the moment of Princess Juliana's accession to and abdication from the throne.

Note: Princess Juliana has a Yod in her natal chart with Moon/Jupiter - Neptune and Mars at the apex ( conjunct the Mc).

Princess Juliana's coronation

September 8th 1948

When you study the AH on its own , you immediately notice that Jupiter (= crowning) is exactly on the 10th House cusp. Jupiter rules the 8th and therefore also has to do with 'power'. Other aspects within 1 degree orb are:

  • Pluto sextile Vx (indicating a significant event in her life)
  • Mc sextile the Part of Fortune and, last but not least
  • the aspect between the Sun (= coronation) and Saturn (Co- ruler of the 10th House)

The aspects with a wider orb like the Moon conjunct the 'floating' Mc, trine the Sun and the Grand Trine between Uranus, the POF and the Ascendant, confirm the whole.

The findings mentioned above speek for themselves. For confirmation purposes one could put the radix around the AH to see whether there are significant shifts taking place at the corners of the chart. For simplcity, I will not elaborate on this.

Coronation Princess Juliana

                                                                                                                           Queen Juliana's abdication >

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Radix Pirncess Juliana

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Radix Princess Juliana