AH Coronation investigating differences 31 January and 30 April 2013



Investigating the differences between January 31st and April 30th 2013 UsingAge Harmonics

Queen Beatrix made the announcement of her abdication on January 28th 2013.kroon Three days befóre the estimated 31st January 2013. That this day was important, is shown by the analysis you can read here. The following is a supplement to the findings in that Chart, but first a general comment: keep in mind that, for the coronation (the ceremony and festivities surrounding it), you study the 1st, 5th and the 10th House.

Additional comments on the Age Harmonic of January 31st: Saturnus conjunct Uranus on the 10th AH House is an absolute statement something is going to change on the social field but.....

  • Jupiter Ruler of the 3rd,is on the Ascendant (together with Neptune, the Planet symbolising " withdrawal" and Venus Ruler of the 1st) squaring this combination on the 10th House: it relates to the announcement of her abdication
  • The Sun in the 3rd House trine Mercurius, (which of itself has to do with communication and is square the Moon, Ruler of the 10th) is also an indication that there is a communication to the public about her abdication

Queen Beatrix' abdication 30 April 2013

AH abdicatie Beatrix

Queen Beatrix' abdication is best  recognized in:

  • the exact T-square between Uranus (on the 10th House),the Moon(Ruler of the 10th)and Vx/Pluto (power). In fact, all the Planets in opposition to each other in the Signs Capricorn and Cancer are about changes related to the 10th and 4th House.

We saw in the horoscope of Queen Juliana at the moment of her abdication, the Sun, Ruler of the 12th House, at the lowest point of the Age Harmonic. In Queen Beatrix' Venus, Ruler of the 1st AH House is also positioned low in the Chart together with the floating Mc. Besides that is Mercury, Ruler of the 12th, on the 10th House cusp

  • Ruler of the 5th (Classic) conjunct Ruler of the 12th links to the farewell party

Both Age Harmonics thus show clear differences. Where there is in the Chart of Januari 31st is a clear link to the 3rd House, it doesn't play a significant role in the chart of April 30st. Instead you see the 1st,10th and 5th House related to 'ending' and 'farewell.

All this shows the delicacy of this instrument again

Let's see how this is reflected in the horoscopes of Prince William Alexander.

Prince Willem-Alexander

You can the findings about the most dominant features in his Chart on January 31, here. In this Chart you see a very prominent Mars ( Ruler of the natal 1st) conjunct the 10th House cusp of the AH Chart...in Virgo!


Uranus Ruler of the 3rd is conjunct the Ascendant!

AH kroning prins WA

In the Chart above you see:

  • Mars Ruler of the 1st natal House in Scorpio, the Sign of his natal Ascendant, on the 10th House! at the same time conjunct the PoF
  • Saturnus, Ruler of the 1st AH conjunct the Ascendant AH square Mars/10th House
  • Mercury, Ruler of the 8th AH (and radix), conjunct Uranus, trine the Moon in the 8th: change of power. With Mercury ruling the 5th House there is also a connection with the festivities
  • Sun sextile Vx

The Ruler of the 3rd House conjunct the Ascendant in the Age Harmonic of January 31st and the shifting of Mars into Scorpio on the 10th House cusp in the Age Harmonic of April 30 are critical to distinguish the difference between the two Charts.


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Radix Beatrix

AH Beatrix' abdication

Radix prins Willem-Alexander

   AH coronation prins Willem


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Radix Beatrix
AH Beatrix afstand v.d. troon
Radix Willem Alexander
AH kroning Willem-Alexander